Oh, the Highs and Lows!

27 Jul

There is a previous post related to this one! Social Anxiety, Phone Calls, and Real Estate Investing

I did manage to go through with looking at the building! However, the night before I felt very depressed and defeated. My brain told me I was silly for calling about it, that I didn’t have the money, that there was no way they’d take a kid like me seriously (I’m 27, and in situations like these I feel like I’m 14!),  they’d judge me for bringing my parents, and that somehow they’d be condescending and just know that I was never going to buy it. My attitude made me want to call the real estate agent back and call the whole thing off! Needless to say, it was a rough 24 hours before I even got to the showing!

Thankfully, the real estate agent was wonderful and very helpful, and the owner was a 60+ year old, skinny biker who just oozed the hippy vibe. Loved them both! To be honest, my first impression of someone in a trade will often effect my anxiety later down the line, so had I gotten a very pushy and unpleasant real estate agent this time, my anxiety would have been 10x as bad the next time I tried to contact one. So my good experience is definitely helpful to future me!

The building itself was overwhelming! The size of it, folks! It was three levels, plus a basement, and I believe the real estate agent said a little over 30,000 square feet! The things I could do with it! I’ve actually began working on floor plans and ideas, and will share those once I have them where I want them (perfectionism).  My significant other does have a friend who has done a lot of contracting in his life, and he’s agreed to walk through it with us sometime next week to see if he can give a ballpark figure of how much money you’d have to have to fix the place up. There is a lot of water damage in one part of the building, the roof at one time collapsed in and fell through the 3rd floor, onto the second, and then proceeded to leak water to the first. There was a new roof put on it around 12 years ago, so that stopped the decay, but there’s already a lot of damage done in that section!

Now, why am I continuing along with this anxiety inducing lunacy if I have no intention of actually buying the place? It’s a learning experience! I have been given the numbers for different places in town that help with grants and such for historic old buildings, and I need to call city counsel with what I’d plan to do with the building to see if they’d approve it. If I go through this process now then when I do it seriously it will be less stressful. Right now I have the knowledge that I can back out at any time it gets to stressful, and know that it’s not likely the building is going to sell tomorrow.

I’m glad I went, but it’s definitely caused me a lot of anxiety this week, and made me moody and I’ve hit at least one rather extreme depressed spell. I almost went home from work sick yesterday because I could barely function. Thankfully, work picked up in a way that had me running all over the office, and the physical movement helped tremendously!

I have a lot of things I want to write about, so I may have to break my Mon, Wed, Fri rule and put up a post or two over the weekend. We’ll see! Hope you all have an amazing Friday!


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2 responses to “Oh, the Highs and Lows!

  1. Kim

    July 28, 2012 at 12:06 am

    I can relate to your anxiety about this. When I have to meet new people, I am always worried about the judgements people are going to make about me. However, I nearly always end up being pleasantly surprised by how approachable and pleasant most people are. It doesn’t stop me from worrying though (eyeroll at myself).

    I am so happy that this went well for you, and I also think having a dry run to learn more about the process is a brilliant idea. I look forward to reading all about it 🙂

    • River Hawthorn

      July 28, 2012 at 8:27 am

      Exactly! I’ve had very few “unpleasant” encounters with other people once I get over my anxiety and meet them, however, I do continue to judge myself even after I find out they are nice. If I think they come off as smart, funny, or interesting, I still constantly remind myself that I am not as good as them in those aspects and therefore find myself feeling inferior and not wanting to say anything for fear of making a fool of myself! It’s all very irrational, but my brain sure seems to have this lie down to a science!

      I’m hoping it turns out well and I learn a lot! The more prepared I am, the less anxiety I feel. I’m going to discuss it with my therapist today and see what she thinks of the idea 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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