Just Another Week

17 Aug

This is how my therapist has to explain things to me some days. Some concepts are just so foreign they have to be broken down word by word, but once they are they make perfect sense! I swear the above comic is exactly how my therapy sessions go from start to finish, and it makes me laugh to simplify it that much.

The rest of the week so far hasn’t been to bad. I was right on Tuesday, things were a mess, but I powered through the day, handled it all really well and felt accomplished by the end. Now that it’s almost Friday I’m already feeling burnt out again though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

I really didn’t have a chance to plan any goals for this week, and I haven’t been doing my walks in the morning like I was the last couple of weeks. The convention has really thrown off my schedule and I have been feeling blah since I got home because of the lack of physical activity. Hoping by next Monday I can get back on track!  Yoga on Saturday morning and Monday evening, and hopefully back to the gym for Mon, Wed, and Fri lunch hour. Back to the regular posting schedule of Mon, Wed, Fri too I hope.

I will leave you with the following because I’m going to print it out and put it in my journal for inspiration on the bad days, and thought it might be helpful to others as well.


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